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Styling x Function for the Mama's Out There

Moms get it. You need your home to be both beautiful as well as functional. It has to make your life easier, not harder, and following these styling tips will do just that!

Durable Rugs

Using indoor/outdoor rugs inside your home, or washable rugs from Ruggable is the perfect way to have the look of a rug without the fear of kids destroying it.

Slipcovered sofas

They are back! The options are endless and then no matter what spills, you have the option to wash it. I went this route personally for my own family room!

Picture Ledge Wall

You know my love for gallery walls, but have you considered the iconic picture ledge wall? It allows you to easily swap out frames for the latest photos of your kids, and zero hammering is required (except for the initial shelf install!). C'mon, let's finally print some of those photos sitting on our camera roll!

Lidded Storage

Lidded bins are the best bins out there for storing (aka hiding) kid stuff! My favorite hack is to use natural woven lidded hamper baskets as toy storage for stuffed animals! West Elm and Target are my go-to's!

Soft-Edged Ottomans

Having an ottoman instead of a coffee table for those mamas with young kiddos is the way to go. No sharp corners = a godsend for unstable toddlers. Bonus, it serves as a comfy place for mama to kick up her feet!

Bench Seating

Are you in the market for new dining chairs? Consider a bench-- as it seats more kids at a time, and is easily wipeable at the end of a dinner.

Aesthetically Pleasing Storage

Good-looking storage in every space is key... ie- under-bed storage bins in the bedrooms, storage ottomans in playrooms, uniform-lidded baskets on all shelving units, etc!


Rolling utility carts with drawers: Ultimate arts & crafts storage piece or ... a super organized lego station for the kiddos. Either way, you can't go wrong!

Happy Styling, but more importantly - Happy Mother's Day to the Mamas!



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