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Kara Haren


Passionate about everyday life's moments and experiences, Principal Designer, Kara Haren, takes time to listen, learn, and create beautifully curated spaces for her clients. With a focus on making interior design approachable, Kara believes creating a beautiful space does not deprive it of function. 


Launching her career in New York City's Fashion industry, Kara worked in corporate merchandising, selecting designer assortments by season - mixing materials, patterns and color palettes. Exchanging styling flagship stores to styling catalog photoshoots, she moved to San Francisco to pursue interior design for Pottery Barn Corporate. As a Director of Accessories & Styling, she traveled the world sourcing beautiful adornment for the home. Creating each catalog room's story firsthand, Kara knew launching an interior design company of her own was her dream path.


Named after the arrival of her first daughter, Along Came Lennox, is an interior design firm that builds the foundation of each client project on their individual story.  Kara celebrates each client’s space by customizing it to allow their style to be self-expressed, while maintaining her philosophy of beauty, comfort, and functionality. Along Came Lennox layers a casual, yet eclectic vibe to each space, working to celebrate the client’s style and bones of the home.

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