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Best Indoor Plants (and How to Love Them Properly)

Today we are talking all about real plants and how my plant-loving sister believes I can’t kill them! First and foremost, I highly recommend purchasing a moisture meter. They are inexpensive, easy to hide in the foliage, and have saved my plants numerous times from loving them too much. Much like us, all plants drink at their own speed, and I was slowly but surely watering many of them to death. Additionally, I love the book “How Not to Kill Your Houseplant” by Veronica Peerless. Not only is it aesthetically appealing (totally coffee table worthy), but it breaks down plant basics AND individual plants. It doesn’t get better.

Now for my favorite indoor plant varieties. Believe me when I say I have killed my fair share of plants. I am by definition, a plant killer. The following seem to be some of the less finicky of the bunch, with a variety of colorations to choose from. Plus, they don’t fall in the overly exotic category, so if they aren’t survivors a la Destiny’s Child, your pocketbook shouldn’t be too put out. Don’t forget- if they start to look sad, a location change is never a bad idea.

1. Pothos (Epipremnum): A classic staple for a reason. Sure, it is delectably rich, and the waxy leaves drape to perfection. And yes, there are colored variations to match your mood. But it’s their hardiness that I hear people talk about the most. Additionally, it grows well in water, so if you like that clear-vase root-exposed look, she’s your girl.

2. Painted-leaf Begonias (Begonia rex): Admittedly, I was late on this beauty trend. These girls are stunning with their WIDE variety of bright leaves, unique leaf shapes, and patterns (each with their own endearing name like “Catalina Sunrise” or “Betsy Blue Shine”). For that low-maintenance natural pop of color, seek these babies out.

3. (Schefflera arboricola): These guys are the understated hero. Slow and steady, they just keep growing until you have an actual tree on your hands (unless you prune as you go, which is entirely fair). Their growth isn’t sloth-like however, you get the joy of seeing little baby stalks make their way up on a regular basis. Easy enough to almost forget about while sprucing up any room for the better.

4. Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata): You know them, you’ve seen them, but have you given them a chance in your own space? They bring in some of those boho desert vibes without the headache (okay, heartache for me) of many cacti and succulent TLC. They, too, like to be ignored and will reward you with pup (baby) shoot-offs when happy.

5. Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica): I like big leaves, and I cannot lie. The fiddle leaf ficus is, well, fiddle and never loved me back. Rubber plants, however, grow like it’s going out of style with stunning large leaves of different colors (think burgundy, golden gem, red ruby, etc...). They appreciate a little stalk support as they get taller but can be pruned to be a more tropical bush or into the tree of your dreams.

Happy planting and good luck to my fellow plant-killers!

xo Kara


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