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Pillow Talk

Let's talk about pillows. This decorative category can change the game in terms of visual appeal for your home and yet we sometimes forget how important they can be! Decorative pillows are an opportunity to inject personality, texture, and color into your space while dialing up the comfort and cozy factors! It is a win-win.

Here are some ways to help you make the most of decorative pillows:

Mix and Match Textures: Incorporating pillows with different textures adds depth and visual interest to your spaces. Consider mixing smooth fabrics like silk or velvet with more tactile options such as faux fur or woven wool materials. I rarely use the same pillow twice in a space (except on coordinating accent chairs), so dial up the variety here!

Play with Patterns: As most of us have solid-colored base furniture, don't be afraid to experiment with patterns across pillows to create dynamic visual impact. Mix geometric prints with floral motifs or stripes with abstract designs for a curated yet eclectic look. Vary the pattern sizing across pillows, ala a small-scale print layered in front of a larger-scale pattern.

Layer for Dimension: Layering pillows of varying sizes, shapes, and colors adds dimension to your seating arrangements. Start with larger, solid-colored pillows as a base, then layer smaller, patterned pillows in front for contrast and visual interest. Pillow sizing for a sofa layout is typically 22-24" in the back, with a 20-22" pillow in front (and a smaller lumbar layered in front of that is icing on the cake!)

Consider Contrast: When selecting decorative pillows, think about how they will complement your existing furniture and decor. Choose colors and patterns that either pull from your existing palette or provide a striking contrast for added visual oomph! Consider pulling from the colors of your rug to artwork as a place to start! If you have a light-colored sofa, add darker hues and vice versa.

Don't Forget Function: While decorative pillows serve an aesthetic purpose, they should also be comfortable and inviting. Opt for pillow inserts that are 2" larger than the cover to avoid the dreaded deflated pillow look. Where do you lounge the most, in your deep movie-watching sofa or propped up in bed? Add pillows! For our clients who want minimal bed pillows, consider the "one-and done" lumbar pillow- works every time!

Rotate Seasonally: Switching out your decorative pillow covers seasonally is an easy and cost-effective way to refresh your space. Consider lighter, brighter colors and breezy fabrics for spring and summer, and cozy textures and warmer hues for fall and winter. Lastly, don't forget decorative pillows for your outdoor space!

Choose pillows that reflect your style and make you feel proud of your space. And remember, you are only a pillow cover away from making a change!

xo Kara


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