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Rugs. A game-changer for how your room looks & feels...

Let's talk rugs this month, shall we? Rugs seem to be challenging for people, either they aren't convinced they need it, they accidentally get a rug too small (what is too small you say?!), or they are overwhelmed in open-concept spaces of what rugs work together in the same open space! Here are 7 tips about rugs! Scroll to the bottom if you are just here for my go-to rug sources:)

1. An area rug should (at the minimum!) have all the front legs of your furniture pieces on it. The goal here is to make sure each "conversation zone" is anchored by a rug, and if the accent chairs are off the rug... are they really invited to the conversation?

2. Think of rugs as dividing up the zones of your house, especially in an open-concept space! Ala, a dining rug under the dining table/chairs or a living room rug that screams "come hang out over here".

3. Where else do you need rugs that you aren't thinking of? Add runners to your hallway spaces. It immediately makes it feel happier and less echo-y! Or in front of your longer bathroom vanities (it adds a total cozy factor in the morning when brushing your teeth!)

4. Do I need a rug pad? The answer is yes, but it doesn't have to be pricey - I buy mine off Amazon! Go with a felted thicker pile for the living spaces and bedrooms, a lower pile rug pad for the dining space, and "grip-like" pads for hallway runners to keep them anchored.

5. Have a "too small" rug but want to make it work? Layer it over an inexpensive jute/sisal rug and you have a beautiful layered look!

6. When choosing a color/pattern, think about the vibe you want in the room? Do you want your rug to be a focal feature? If so, go bold with color/pattern! Do you have enough color/pattern for you already happening in artwork & pillows? Then pull a complementary color from the existing color scheme and bring in a neutral rug with it.

7. Where to shop for rugs? See my list below!

  • Looking for a vintage rug? Try Etsy (It is where I found all my vintage rugs for my own home!) or Revival Rugs

  • Looking for a high-quality gorgeous rug? Try Serena & Lily for traditional blues and Restoration Hardware for luxe tonals

  • Looking for an outdoor rug? Try West Elm and Crate & Barrel for my favorite assortments right now

  • Looking for an inexpensive rug? Try RugsDirect or RugsUSA (look at the detailed images and customer reviews!)

  • Looking to support artisans with a reputable company? Try Citizenry

  • Looking for traditional motif rugs and a good price-point for the quality? Try Pottery Barn

  • Looking for a fun floral rug? Try Rifle Paper Company

  • Looking for a more bohemian or colorful vibe? Try Anthropologie

  • Looking for an inexpensive bohemian? Try World Market

  • Looking for a high-quality, low-price-point Jute/Sial for laying? Try Amazon

  • Looking for a range of aesthetics and price points? Lulu & Georgia is crushing the rug game lately!

My parting advice? Rugs can make or break a room, but when you get it is visual magic. Go get yourself a beauty!

Xx Kara


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