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Mother's Day Gift Roundup - From Grandma to Dog Mamas!

Happy (almost) Mother's Day!

I went to all my friends asking for their go-to wish list items both to receive and gift and came up with the following mash-up. Enjoy this gifting round-up, and I promise I'll get back to home decor in next month's email...

For the kitchen extraordinaire:

Voted Best Kitchen Towels by Better Homes & Gardens, with two referrals for this brand!

Non-stick and non-toxic cookware from a friend who whips up feasts in her kitchen!

High-quality Olive Oil Sets (Also available as a subscription). The company was started and is run by two women with 15 years of olive oil experience, a great gift idea!

For the homebody:

Sweet PJs for the summer!

A crazy affordable but looks expensive option (I have it in gray!)

I love their bedding collection, so I'm asking for this robe for Mother's Day myself.

Luxury Candles that smell DELISH.

For the dog mama:

Self-Care Lover:

The Jewelry Lover:

For those that believe in the power of cleansing and CBD (I'm in that bucket):

My go-to hair holy grails:

The picnic mama:

For Grandma:

I love the small 5x7 size to place on a bookcase!

And last but not least, my go-to favorite perfumes....


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