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Meet Our Founder!

Behind every company is a fearless leader. Get to know our amazing founder and principal designer, Kara Haren, the heartbeat behind the beautiful homes designed at Along Came Lennox Interiors. {And ps- Happy Birthday to this Aries!}

Q) How did you start your career in interior design?

A) I accepted a job as a Buyer with Pottery Barn corporate in SF after spending five years in New York City in fashion merchandising. That was my official career start in Interior Design, though my love affair with interiors started as a teen! I started our interior design firm, Along Came Lennox, a year after my daughter Lennox arrived. Four years and running!

Q) What would you be doing if you weren't an interior designer? A) Ooooh, such a fun question! A dating advice columnist, a walking city tour guide or working at an elephant sanctuary.

Q) What is your favorite design style? A) Tough- That is like asking me to choose my favorite kid, ha! Our design firm is unique in that we don’t have a “signature style.” We carefully consider the bones of the home, the general aesthetic that the home dwellers gravitate towards, and define the style from there. I am personally partial to a relaxed northern California style and tend to skew modern-traditional.

Q) What has been your favorite project to work on? A) Likely my own home here in Sonoma! Due to deferred maintenance, we took it down to the studs, and building it back up for our family was a downright blast. Q) What does your firm's creative process look like? A) Our team starts by getting to know our clients, understanding what they love about their homes and, frankly, what they don’t love about their spaces. We discuss ‘how one should feel in the space’ and what experiences or life will be lived in that space. Next, we brainstorm the color palette, identifying how that translates back to a mood and pull in aspirational imagery to aid in visual storytelling. Before we kick off a project for a client, we also search for key pieces that we can build the design process around!

Q) Where do you find design inspiration? A) A very cliche response, but truly everywhere. I have 70k+ photos on my camera roll ranging from travel destinations, hotels, restaurants… to an original tile lay pattern in the corner of an SF historic bank. Taking a moment to observe my surroundings and styling everywhere I go is a top source of inspiration for me.

Q) What ‘Design Rules’ do you break? A) Ha, great question! Avoid overthinking if something will work in your space. If you love it, buy it, as it will find a home.

Q) What 'Design Philosophy' do you never waver on?

A) A space can only be beautiful if it is also functional. We firmly believe that a beautiful home is designed for real life.

Q) What is a hidden but strong skill set of yours?

A) Outside of my moonwalk dance move?:) I think a strong skill of mine is identifying what is worth the price. A high price-tag doesn't necessarily dictate significant better quality, nor a good aesthetic. After spending years in product merchandising, I have a strong sense of where to spend and where to save. What looks good vs. what looks inexpensive, what materiality will last over time, and how to mix high & low.

Q) What is your favorite thing about being a designer?

A) Hands down, getting texts from clients a year later saying, “we just love our home, thank you.” My heart is full when our clients feel joy in their space and feel proud when others they love enter their home.

Q) Lastly, when did you open your studio office space here in Sonoma? A) Only three months ago! We had been renting an office in our lovely local Sonoma Community Center but found a permanent location in the Sonoma Square courtyard shops. Swing by and say hi!

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