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How To Organize In Style

Kick-off 2022 the right way, by restoring balance and organization in your home. Knowing where to start when it comes to tackling a house can be daunting, but by using my hacks room by room you will be Marie Kondo adjacent in no time. Think organization, but making it pretty. So start today! Entryway Whether you are walking back into your home with your hands full or you are frantically walking out of the door looking for all of your essentials, your entryway needs to have some (good-looking!) organization to make your life easier. I suggest having lidded baskets/boxes below a bench or console table for hats, umbrellas, reusable bags, etc. For the top of your entryway table, I suggest a beautiful sculpted tray to contain keys/sunglasses, and a decorative bowl to hold masks.

Living Room

Your living room is for relaxing, entertaining, and spending quality time with your family. Creating a sense of organization in this space is crucial to do all of these things. I love closed media storage to hide cords and kid toys, which visually hides the (necessary!) clutter. You can also add a tray to your coffee table to contain things like remotes, candles, and any styling accessories. For all of those extra blankets you have lying around, store them in beautiful open baskets.


My rule of thumb for kitchen organization is that anything that stays on the kitchen counter can and should be pretty! An easy way to do this is with a decorative fruit bowl, new utensil holder + cooking tools, and a tray to hold spices/oils. Add leafy greenery to a vase for your island and boom- ready!


Your bedroom should be your oasis, where you can truly decompress and relax. This means clutter should be avoided where possible! One easy way to do this is with decorative tabletop boxes to hold nightstand essentials if you don't have a closed drawer on your nightstand. Or a mini tray for reading glasses for late-night reading in bed. I also love a beautiful jewelry box or a leather tray to keep your watches, rings, etc contained and organized.


Within the past year and a half, the importance of a home office has skyrocketed as many of us are still WFH. While trying to balance work-life balance, make it easier on yourself by keeping your office tidy with pretty desk accessories organizers and cord management!

Kids Spaces

Okay, so there is only so much that you can do to keep kids spaces organized (insert a mom of two laugh here), but these ideas should help! I love tall, lidded baskets to hide stuffed animals, a good-looking hamper because it is always being used, beautiful bookcases to contain allllllll the kid books, stackable storage cubbies for legos and other small toys .... oh, and under-bed bins to store unsightly toys and chaos!

Last but not least, take a good look around your home and identify what items no longer bring you joy or are needed, and simply donate them for a new life! Happy 2022 my friends!



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