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How to Mix Metals in Your Home

Traditionally the concept of mixing metals, whether in your home or in your jewelry selection, has been taboo. But trends are ever-evolving in both fashion and interior design, and now we are embracing the juxtaposition to create depth and interest in a space. With everything, there needs to be intention behind our design choices. Here are my six tips on how to mix metals like a pro!

1. Choose one main metal that your eyes immediately go to. In a room, you will have a statement fixture, piece of furniture, appliance, etc...that will take the lead. All of the other metals will be supplemental and add to the dimension of the space.

2. Three is the magic number of metal finishes in a large space, and two in a smaller space. Pick your main metal and then use 1-2 more to layer to the mixture of metals.

3. Mix up the metal sheen. You don't want all of your metals to be shiny or to all have a brushed/subtle finish. Combine a polished and a more muted finish together.

4. One metal per category type. For example, in a bathroom have one metal finish for the drawer cabinetry and a different one for the faucet. Give the two chosen metals another visual hit, by using the same two metals across the choices of lighting and mirror!

5. Don't be afraid to mix warm and cool tones. Warm metals can be brass to oil-rubbed bronze, and cool metals are chromes and silvers. My favorite combo right now is a subtle brass mixed with polished nickel.6. Balance the space by creating visual height differences with the metals. Have the mixture mix go from floor to ceiling.

Balance the space by creating visual height with the metals. Have the mixture go from floor to ceiling.

From room styling to renovation choices, mixing metals will elevate your space. You can do it, and will be thrilled you did!

xx Kara


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