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How to Dial Up the Magic of a Guest Bedroom

Guest bedrooms tend to be the room in our homes that we feel the least proud of... where the various mismatched items that don't work elsewhere in our home go, resulting in a hodge-podge of conflicting aesthetics. But why not change the narrative and have this be a beautiful space that you feel proud of and more importantly, is inviting for your house guests? Let's start with small changes that will create a big impact for your guests!

Here are my tips for dressing up your guest bedroom to take it from strictly functional to a magical oasis for those we love.

1. A small fresh floral arrangement will make your guests feel cared for and special. It can be as simple as a small bud vase with a handful of small backyard florals!

2. Make sure you have relaxing, ambient lighting with not only a ceiling flush mount but also bedside lamps for reading.

3. Luggage racks for suitcases in the closet with a nice set of matching hangers will make your guests wonder if they're at your home or a hotel.

4. A basket for rolled-up fresh bath towels to place at the foot of the bed.

5. A welcome note that includes your wifi password is a thoughtful way to answer a question you know is coming!

6. A candle + matches or a reed diffuser will create a peaceful mood right away.

7. Accessible outlets are a must, + bonus points if you include an extra iPhone charger in case they forgot theirs!

8. A mirror either above a dresser or behind a door for your loved ones to get ready.

9. An array of light reading like your favorite magazines and several coffee table books is a thoughtful decorating move!

10. High-quality sheets and a cozy quilt at the end of the bed for extra warmth in case your guests run cold.

11. In your guest bath, include a small basket of hospitable extras, such as a small shampoo/conditioner, razor, make-up wipes, toothbrush + toothpaste, body lotion, etc...

12. Last but not least, the ultimate luxury: Fresh robes hanging in the closet for your guests!

Doing a few of these small steps will make a world of difference to your overnight guests and have you proudly inviting all of your loved ones over for a stay-cation!

xx Kara


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