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Hosting For The Holidays

It's that time again to start thinking about hosting for the holiday season. Thanksgiving can be stressful with so many moving parts and family around, here are my five tips to make it easier on yourself and have fun too!

1. Kickoff with a beautiful appetizer spread -

Every hostess with the most-ess can make a killer charcuterie board before your guests arrive. My advice is to have at least 5 cheeses with a mix of textures. Then from there, fill in the rest with a mix of salty and sweet components to complement the cheeses. For an extra touch, fill in extra spaces with fresh garnishes. Can't go wrong with my go-to formula: a mix of cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruit, and a fig spread, overlapping and perfectly imperfect!

2. Have two pre-made cocktails ready to go-

When it comes to beverages, I suggest offering two festive drink options, a mocktail, and a cocktail, to accommodate all of your guests. My favorites when hosting are a hot toddy or a classic eggnog, both festive starter drinks before moving to wine.

3. Music Going-

Have your playlist set, so you aren't worried about what song will come up next when you hit shuffle. Spotify and Apple Music have many pre-made "Fall" themed playlists if you want to hit the easy button!

4. Tablescape Ready-

Have your tablescape already put together on your table so that everything is ready to go when your guests arrive. I like to have a tablescape with dimension, so love to sprinkle real pumpkins and candles down my table runner, adding a touch of formality with napkin ring holders and name cards.

5. Candles that make us think of Fall!-

One thing people forget is that smell directly impacts our experiences and memories. Have a beautiful fall scent burning when your guests arrive, creating a cozy welcome intro to your home, and if you can, keep a candle lit in the bathroom being used by guests!

Happy Thanksgiving, and remember... the Holidays are for celebrating the time with those we love. Embrace the accidentally burnt dish and ignore the spill on your new table runner; the memories that stay with us are the meaningful conversations and the unexpected silly moments.

Lastly, I am so grateful you all are here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

xx Kara


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