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Greenery: How to Faux It

In a world of fake news, fake boobs, fake ID’s, and faux burgers, believe it or not, there is room for one more. Let’s talk about faux plants. Aesthetically, there are few things worse than a dead plant sitting in the corner. If you can’t keep a plant alive (I’m silently raising my hand, trust me you are not alone) then it’s time to go fake, or faux, if we’re getting fancy.

The art of faux greenery is to keep people guessing. As a rule of thumb for every two fake plants, throw in one real one. Keeping some living greens in the house can be done in multiple ways. One way is to purchase garden shears and whack off some small branches outside to bring in for a vase. A second way that I personally employ, is to budget a bouquet of greenery into each visit to the grocery store for a pop of fresh color that lasts longer than flowers.

When considering how to faux it, focus on these 3 tips:

Size Matters

The smaller the leaf size, the harder it is to read faux. So think fluffy, faux trees rather than (large leaf size) fiddle leaf trees.


Seeing a faux plant in a far corner of your space makes it truly hard to tell it is faux vs. having a faux plant right next to the comfiest seat in the house, where one could reach out and touch it. Try placing large faux trees in room corners, leafy greens on bookshelves, or adding ferns to higher shelves.


Make your planter something visually interesting to look at. I love using rattan baskets, a textured clay pot, or even a funky planter on a stand. This helps balance the pressure of nailing the perfect faux plant and brings your eyes to the planter as well.

I love to shop for faux plants at retail shops such as Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel (always easier to buy after seeing it live, pun intended!). Terrain, Afloral, and Nearly Natural are some other great sites to browse! For easier living plants, I’m drawn to Pathos (easiest of all house plants to keep alive, if it looks sad, water it, that’s all) and succulents, succulents, succulents for that added ‘layered’ plant look with minimal upkeep.

Pro tip: I buy all living plants at Home Depot – their return/exchange policy is unreal. Just bring back the dirt and the original pot and whatever remained and replace, no questions asked!

Source Pinterest, via Pure Salt Interiors


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