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Decorating for Fall

(& tackling Halloween and Thanksgiving decor at the same time)!

Let's talk decorating for the Holidays and what can easily transition from early Fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving!

1. Start with pumpkins: Real, ceramic, felted, and glass. I love using real pumpkins of varying sizes and colors sprinkled throughout a home, from the front stoop to the dining room tablescape. Decorative pumpkins set the stage for all Fall decor, so don't be afraid to mix up the materiality of the pumpkins being styled together!

2. Glass vessels and large decorative bowls are a fun way to switch out decor with the changing seasons; For Halloween, fill them with spiders, skulls, and faux cobwebs, and for Thanksgiving, decorate with natural fall foliage (gourds, dried florals, pinecones, etc.).

3. Dried wreaths are a fun way to add seasonal curb appeal to your front door. One-wreath-done-two-ways: Add a hanging ghost and spiders for Halloween, and switch to a decorative plaid ribbon come November!

4. Seasonal Serveware. I love hosting for the Holidays but am personally lacking in storage space for seasonal decor. The way I add seasonal flair to my entertaining spread is by switching in seasonal small plates, cheese knives, and patterned cloth napkins. These items are intentionally small & easy to store year-round!

5. Decorative pillows (ahem, covers!). My one rule of thumb with seasonal pillows is to purchase covers only for ease of storing flat the rest of the year and purchase in the same size of your year-round pillow inserts. Grab a few at any large retailer, and you'll be delighted at how much it spruces up your common living spaces!

6. Swap out artwork. You may think, "Kara, are you kidding me?" but hear me out! I suggest finding a few places where you can swap out framed photos or artwork for affordable/printable seasonal artwork (head to Etsy, you'll find great options!). My favorite place to do this is within a kid's room, as it completely dials up the magic of the season! Also, if you have the Frame TV- swap your resting image for something related to the Holidays!

7. Front porch. Update your welcome doormat and add some seasonal decor at varying heights off to the sides of your front door. This greets you and your guests every time you walk into your home!

8. Swap out your day-to-day kitchen linens. Look to add in seasonal touches with muted plaids or patterned tea towels and a fall-appropriate table runner.

9. Add a cozy throw in a plaid or textured material! Can't go wrong with cashmere, mohair, or faux fur!

10. Last but not least, another easy way to update tabletop decor is by switching the color of your candlesticks. Grab some beautiful candle holders if you don't already own them, go spooky with black candles for Halloween and switch into ivory or rust-colored candles for Thanksgiving!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!




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