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April Showers - Time to Remodel Yours?

Considering a bathroom remodel? How hard could it be? Small space, no big deal right? Eek, trust me here- I've seen it gone wrong. Bathroom renovations are smaller in footprint but high stakes, yet with the proper planning, it can go smoothly and leave you with the bathroom of your dreams. Let's chat on what to think about upfront...

Is this project for you or for resale purposes?

First, understand if this bathroom remodel is being done for you (and you will be staying in your home for 5+ years) or if you are remodeling with the intention to sell shortly. If it is the sale route, go neutral and timeless. If the bathroom is for you, have a little fun and add personality! Not yet sure? Proceed with timeless foundational pieces (tile, vanity, plumbing) but let the fun come through in less permanent ways, ie.. a bold paint or eclectic patterned towels + runner.

Consider the function and flow.

What works for you in your current bathroom and what doesn't? Is there enough storage, outlets, lighting, etc...? Is it primarily a dated aesthetic that bothers you or is it the overall flow/layout? The answers to these questions will help you map out a game plan with your contractor, and understand the financial implications of moving water lines and electrical.

Decide what you save vs. what you gut.

Some people think that they need to rip everything out and start fresh, but there can be opportunities to repurpose existing pieces. For example, in order to cut down costs, you could potentially keep your vanity base/boxes, but replace the cabinet fronts with new hardware.

Pull together a budget.

Research your costs and inquire with friends and family who have recently remodeled in your area. Don't forget the cost of tile materials and plumbing, as they are typically not included in a General Contractor's bid.

Starting the Design? Find one piece you love and build from there.

Fall in love with a patterned floor tile? Let it be the focal visual interest piece and design from there. Have your heart set on a fun patterned wallpaper? Select the supporting permanent fixtures/finishes to complement it.

Always order your plumbing fixtures ahead of time.

Some brands are 20+ week leadtimes!

Bring in a professional.

Last but not least, bring in an interior designer if you can to help with layout, renderings/elevations, and more fun... the tile/plumbing/vanity/lighting/paint selections. If you are going to do it right and are having concerns or indecision, always pull in a pro!

Happy remodeling!

Kara xx

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