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10 Ways to Decorate with Love

1. Frame your favorite family photos.

We all have millions of photos on our phones, but now it's time to get our favorite memories printed and framed. Bonus points if you can also frame treasured memories/moments/family members from past decades and generations. Bring on the nostalgia!

2. Rethink Rad Kid Artwork:

They have the best color palettes and imaginations, so why not let their artwork be displayed on more than the refrigerator door?! Frame or hang their (unintentionally abstract) art in kid bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, or guest baths. And don't forget to label the year/kid on the back! My personal favorite? Add it within an electric gallery wall as an original abstract piece!

3. Wrote your own vows? Frame them.

I recommend using Etsy to source handwritten pieces of art made out of your wedding vows. This can be so beautiful in a hallway nook or primary bedroom.

4. Fresh Flowers!

Treat yourself to some self-love and get fresh flowers 2-3x a month. Nothing feels better than a fresh vase of flowers on your countertop! Or make it super convenient, and get a flower delivery subscription service for 1-2 a month. My favorite is Matilda's Bloombox.

5. Display your favorite travel memories - landscape photography for the win!

Think of all the places you have traveled over the years, and either frame your own travel photography or find photography from those locations. Plus it's a total conversation starter when entertaining!

6. Use sentimental objects as styling decor.

Display a sentimental plate from your grandmother, an old wooden toy from your childhood, or frame a scarf from your mother, etc etc etc...

7. Find scents that take you back to your favorite memories, and try to light a candle at least once a day!

Scent is one of the most powerful senses to spike your memory. You can also opt for a candle that looks beautiful on display when it's not in use.

8. Display your favorite nostalgic books.

Whether it was a childhood favorite or a read that got you through a tough time, decorating with books is always a good idea. Stack them horizontally or vertically, or grouped by color!

9. Collect anything? Show it off.

Do your kids collect rocks? Collect matches from restaurants? Find a gorgeous bowl to rotate a collection through.

10. Shadow boxes to show off all the mems.

There are so many options of things that can create unique art in your home. Corks from a trip to wine country, a dried bouquet of flowers, or shells from a beach vacation, the possibilities are endless.... plus a little shadow box always looks cute on a shelf!

Bottom line- Find pieces that spark joy, and figure out a way to decorate with them! You got this!


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